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"Audiences are braver about their beliefs than ever before,' says Ching. ‘We're no longer in a place where the safe middle-of-the-aisle-approved narrative is good enough. Consumers want businesses to take a strong point of view and truly demonstrate they share the same values, especially if that means making a sacrifice.”

Thrive Global

"I want the leadership behind the content to fully represent the identity of the audience from top to bottom. I can tell the Asian American story because I live it. However, I don't live the trans experience, for example. I can research as much as possible to enable myself to tell that story in theory, but I believe that story deserves to be told in first person narrative."


“We’ve all heard “Hollywood has run out of new ideas.” Yet, that expression is a false narrative. There are countless untold stories about minorities that were never given an opportunity before the current climate. Case in point: “Get Out” was the most profitable movie (630% ROI) of 2017, but that film would not have been made in years past.”


““No one wants to admit there’s a problem until it’s too late,’ Duke basketball player Oderah Chidom said. Most student-athletes viewed professional help as a ‘sign of weakness.’ In 2013, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Brian Hainline declared mental health as the No. 1 health and safety concern in the NCAA.”


“Niche is the new mass market,” says director Justin Ching, one of the producers behind Amazon’s hit series, Ritual, and the owner of j-school Productions. “Gone are the days when you can appeal to everyone with your messaging, because of audience fragmentation.”

True Hollywood Talk

“This means we’re not just casting diversity. We’re putting leadership of these projects in the hands of members of these communities who can speak in first person narrative…Conceptually, this is a big difference than simply trying to empathize with an audience and hoping you hit the mark. This authenticity adds to our collective understanding and enables us to more compassionately relate to other points of view.”


"In the new arena, brands are no longer forced to appeal to a mass audience. Instead, they have more freedom to focus on great stories that will resonate deeply with a core group. 'There is a reason buyers are beating the drum of diversity and looking for minority-driven content,' says Ching. 'Minority audiences are known quantities, ripe for the taking.”

Fox sports

“September is National Suicide Prevention Month. According to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, 50,000 people die by suicide each year. Hamlett is the latest in a wave of seven suicides that have rocked the Penn community over the last two years, making it ground zero for the national conversation around student-athlete mental health.”

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